BW Lite - DCC decoder programmer, s88 and k83/84 tester, crane controller, remote train control server, ballistic speed controller, crane controller, etc. for the Intellibox

The BW (Betriebswerk) program is shareware - which means you can try it out and if you decide to use it, you can contribute some money to me, Dale Schultz, the author of the program..

How do I get the program?

You can download it (3 megabytes), or order a BW Lite CD for $15.00 (plus shipping by USPS within the USA) :
If you need it mailed outside the USA, please email me and get exact costs to your country.

If downloading directly, you must download all three install files and place them in the same directory on your machine, then run setup.exe to install it:

Right click and choose 'Save Target as'
Download SETUP.LST
Download setup.exe
Download bwlite.CAB
(Yes, I did think of placing all three into a .ZIP file but that only saves 26k)

You can view the version history.

BW Lite provides the following:
  • Robust communication with Uhlenbrock Intellibox. All PC com ports up to com4 are supported and the baud rate is automatically detected.
  • Display of IB version and serial number.
  • Full support for Märklin mobile crane 46715
  • Ability to log and save all the Intellibox Special Options.
  • DCC decoder programmer with special support for ESU decoders (LokPilot, LokpilotDCC and LokSound2 indicate what each CV is for and also bit meanings as appropriate). Automatic DCC decoder manufacturer and model detection. Optional verification of CV writes. Bit number, bit value and decimal display and writing of any CV registers. Direct and Paged mode reading and writing is supported. Log files of all CVs can be produced and saved to text files.
  • Ability to search for Motorola address.
  • s88 Module tester with optional audio feedback for any s88 connections, using absolute or relative number display. Adjustable refresh rate.
  • k83/k84 type switch modules tester with adjustable change period and counter. Audio feedback feature allows you to hear the test state (Red/Green) without having to be able to see the computer screen.
  • Ability to log the Intellibox decoder settings for each address, indicating the protocol, speed steps and virtual addresses.
  • Ability to control a digital crane, including cranes that use multiple decoders for simultaneous slewing and hook movement.
  • Ability to define locomotives, including prototype information, decoder type, functions etc.
  • Ability to calibrate locomotives so that speeds can be set using speeds in km/h
  • Ability to define trains made up of one or more locomotives allowing multiple locomotive lash ups (also called consisting or doubleheading)
  • Ability to toggle poweer and halt status of the intellibox on and off
  • Ability to receive control commands from a Remote Train controler (Separate program running on PocketPC PDA) to control trains, crane, k83/k84 type devices, power and halt status.
  • Ballistic control of locomotives. This makes the manual control of locomotives with large numbers of speed steps, using the Intellibox speed knobs very easy. No more spinning of the speed knob!
  • Manual control can be made at any time and the program detects all manual input from the Intellibox and reflects manual changes on screen for both locomotives and turnouts etc. Manual control of any locomotive in a train adjusts speeds for all other locomotives in the same train.
  • Ability to save port, locomotive, train and crane configurations as well as all screen positions.
  • Automatic power-off if no s88 activity detected after a predetermined perod.
  • Intellibox is auto powered off when program exits, etc. etc.....
  • Click here to read the manual
    Instructions and screen shots

    You can contribute any amount you like and I have the following suggestions:
    Your program did what I needed, but I don't anticipate using it that much, here is a small donation of $8.00
    Your program helped me out and I might rely on it from time to time, here is a reasonable donation of $15.00
    I play with expensive toys and BW enhances my enjoyment, you deserve a Mensch donation of $50.00
    You can of course send any amount to me via PayPal in US dollars or Euro - simply send payment to

    If you don't wish to pay with PayPal, you can send a US$ check to:
    Dale Schultz
    197 Old Country Way
    Limerick, ME 04048


    You can send feedback to me at, but I do have a day job and a family that sometimes get priority! Please understand that the program is supplied "as is" and I cannot warrant anything or be held responsible for any damage, pain, death, divorce, wasted time, fried decoders, fried Intelliboxes, computers, locomotives, layouts or homes etc. even if caused by a bug.

    If you would like additional dedicated decoder support added to the DCC decoder programmer, and you have contributed $20 or more, send me a copy of the documentation showing what each CV register sets, what bits have what meaning and allowed value ranges, and the values of CV 7 and 8 and I may add dedicated support for your decoder. DCC decoders do not need dedicated support to be programmed by Bw Lite, dedicated support means that the CV registers and bit meanings are displayed on screen.

    If you are having trouble, please do check that you have selected the correct com port and that the cable between your computer and Intellibox conforms to the cable illustrated in your Intellibox manual, and is plugged in at both ends. Also check that the FiFo buffering is switched OFF in the advanced properties of the com port under Windows.

    The program is written in Visual Basic 6.0 so is only available for w32 platforms. I do not plan on supporting other platforms. The program will not work with the Märklin interface because I use the richer P50X command set. I have tested it on Windows 95, 98, Me and XP. I run it on a 233Mhz machine with 64MB of memory and I do not know what the minimum requirements are. I run with a baud rate of 19200 which is the fastest rate that Uhlenbrock supports.

    What about the rest ?

    If I can get enough encouragement, I may also make the rest of my program available. In addition to the above features, it currently features the following:
  • Easy definitions of tracks including speed limits, length, etc.
  • Easy linking of tracks to produce routes.
  • Routes can link to other routes and have optional wait periods and trigger events before trains start next route.
  • Train positions and reserved tracks are displayed in real time on screen using colors of your choice.
  • Auto scheduling and collision avoidance allowing completely automated control. Routes can cross each other and even use tracks in opposite directions.
  • Indicate track areas where stopping is not allowed - allows for more intelligent routing and scheduling.
  • Automatic acceleration and decelerations - no sudden starts or stops in visible areas of the layout. Mass of train is taken into account, so goods trains have lower accelerations.
  • Ability to rope off any tracks for manual shunting operations. You can perform shunting whilst automatic trains run elsewhere.
  • Unexpected train alerts - performs emergency halt if any s88 triggers when no train is expected there and the track is not reserved for shunting operations.
  • Automatic signal control for Distant, Home and shunting signals.
  • No braking sections required, all train detection is done via s88 bus. Signals are cosmetic and are not needed to control trains. No electrical blocks needed.
  • All turnout and train positions automatically saved on shutdown for next session.
  • User definable sounds and events can be triggered by trains or on demand.
  • Automatic locomotive function switching can be associated with tracks so no matter what locomotive passes, functions can be controlled. (I switch off smoke, sounds and lights in tunnels).
  • Ability to ensure that any train identified as being a goods train does not stop at passenger stations.
  • Ability to log all communications with Intellibox, routing commands, calibration events, s88 events, comm port events etc.
  • Turntable control and programming.
  • Unexpected train override.
  • Consistency checks such as checking for locos with duplicate addresses, trains indicated to be on the layout but not occupying any particular track, etc.
  • All track, route, locomotive, train, configuration and events data stored in editable text files (All edited via the UI).
  • All screens remember their screen position.
  • True CTS interface flow control with no wait states, ever.
  • Adjustable Intellibox event polling rate, train acceleration adjustment periodicity, free track search periodicity, etc. allowing the performance to be tuned to the computer's capabilities.
  • Wow! I absolutely must have your program, I have spent so much on my layout, locos and decoders that it would be a waste not to have absolutely great software to run it, here is my generous donation of $1000.00
    I have been writing Märklin train control software since 1989. As of March 2003 my Visual Basic source code files together take up over 1MB of disk space.

    You may see other software with amazingly similar screen design with the publisher of that software claiming copyright. That person plagiarized my software and in unrepentant in claiming copyright of it.

    My layout

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