BW Lite - Version history

2.00 build 17
Added support for Märklin mobile crane 46715
2.00 build 2
Note new exe name.
Numerous new capabilities are now available:
  • Executable now called bwlite.exe
  • Crane control and configuration
  • Configuration settings can be saved
  • Ability to define Locomotives
  • Ability to calibrate locomotive speed steps
  • Ability to define trains
  • Ability to display Intellibox decoder address settings
  • Ability to control trains from a remote train controller (separate program)
  • Ballistic control of locomotive speeds. (Very useful when they have a large number of speed steps)
  • Intellibox Power and train halt mode indicators and toggles.
  • 1.01 build 1
  • Added audio feedback to the k83/4 test screen. The program will now call out "red" or "green" when the output is changed.
  • Added Red and Green buttons to the k83 test screen.
  • Improved display of Non-PC event logs for loco changes. The functions are now decoded and the direction is also displayed.
  • Bug fix: Non-PC event changes now display the correct address for addresses above 256
  • 1.00 build 137
  • Added the ability to log all known and Friendly CV values so that they can be saved for reference.
  • Renamed some of the buttons in the Programmer window.
  • Added and improved the hover text for many of the controls in the Programmer window.
  • Added the ability to customize the s88 indicator LEDs.
  • Bug fix: Clear the Programming track command queue if the connection with the Intellibox gets lost of out of synch.
  • 1.00 build 133
  • Expanded turnout range testable and reported to 320.
  • Bug fix: Fixed turnout testing module disabled by bad fix in 132.
  • 1.00 build 132
  • Bug fix: Fixed run time error if a turnout was changed manually on the IB.
  • 1.00 build 131
  • Simplified the interface. No need to set number of s88 or k83 modules anymore.
  • Log Window now positions itself next to main window
  • Changing port will power IB off if it was connected before.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a problem connecting when SO26=0 and IB baud rate 4800 or 9600
  • Bug fix: The Always on top option in the log File menu now work on Windows XP too.
  • 1.00 build 129
  • Added ability to save log files.
  • Special Options are now logged without a time stamp so that saved copies of the SO list can be compared without time stamps getting in the way.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a problem with fast computers when switching baud rate.
  • Known bug: The Always on top option in the log File menu does not work on Windows XP
  • 1.00 build 127
  • Implemented RS232 Break command to allow for automatic baud rate detection
  • Added ability to dump all 1000 Special Options to the Log window
  • Stop s88 polling if s88 Test screen closed with X button instead of Quit button
  • 1.00 build 122
  • Added ability to view a resizable log window.
  • If number of modules are changed, corresponding test windows are now closed so that new limits can be picked up.
  • Added hover help to controls.
  • Limited k83/4 modules to 63 to avoid an overflow issue on last module.
  • Power Intellibox off on exit.
  • 1.00 build 121
  • Fixed crash if s88 monitor was set to monitor s88 above module 5. Thanks to Wim Ros for reporting such a nasty bug!
  • 1.00 build 118
  • Improved UI for getting baud and ports correct, added Retry button when Intellibox cannot be found.
  • Display version number.
  • 1.00 build 116
  • Initial release

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